Hello, I'm Fikri 👋

I like to create
front-end solutions
that are fast, flexible
and flawless.

My Journey


Internship at PT Rakyat Tamansari

During my internship at PT Rakyat Tamansari, I developed a forum that allowed visitors to file complaints and report issues. Thanks to this system, we were able to quickly and effectively resolve problems and improve the overall visitor experience.


Graduation and Academic Achievements

In 2022, I graduated from my college with a GPA of 3.79 / 4.00, which reflects my dedication to my studies and my strong work ethic.


Full-time work at Travel Startup in Bahrain

After graduation, I began working for a travel startup in Bahrain. My boss was impressed by my performance, and I was quickly offered a full-time position. Since then, I have continued to excel in my role, contributing to the development of innovative front-end solutions and helping to build a dynamic and successful company.



Let's turn your ideas into reality!
Tell me about your next project and let's create something amazing together.