Anime Catalogue

Anime Catalogue

18 Feb 2024


In this project i created a website to show anime listing. The information i gave to user is about anime ranking, upcoming anime, specific anime detail. You can visit the website AnimeCatalogue


Since NextJS released a new version called AppRouter i want to explore more deep about that new technology, such as Suspense, Server Components, Partial Rendering, and much more.


Challenge on this project is i need to learn slowly about server components, it's tricky i need to learn composition between client components and server components. New AppRouter somehow is slow in my device macbook pro 2017 compared to Pages Router. This problem maybe can be encountered by using turbopack which i haven't try it.

This is also my first time using Cheerio library to scrapping since i don't have the db. But its lightweight and easy to understand.


In this project i use stack that i commonly used, such as:

  • NextJS 14 (App router)
  • NextUI for component library
  • TailwindCSS for styling
  • React-swiper slider
  • Cheerio for scrapping data from


All features that include in this project are:

  • Upcoming anime in next season
  • Anime ranking (Most popular, most favorite, top airing, top anime)
  • Anime search
  • Show anime by genre
  • Show specific anime information like rating, synopsis, characters and staffs
  • Show review from user


I know this projects is not perfect, its still slow and heavy because the speed is depend on website which i have no control over. The lighthouse score to is so low its around 50-60. I will improve this later.

If you interested to improve this project or you want to learn you can visit the repo here